Arduino DUE ProtoShield


This is a prototyping shield kit designed specifically for the Arduino DUE. Pin-for-pin Arduino DUE compatibility,a 3.3V bus, and two large SOIC breakouts differentiate this board from other prototyping shields out there.

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What you are getting:

  • This board includes all stacking headers needed for all pins of the Arduino DUE (excluding ICSP).
  • Stacking headers include: qty 1 – 1×10 for PWM, qty 5 – 1×8 for PWM, COMMS,  POWER, ANALOGS, qty 1 – 2×3 for SPI, qty 2 – 1×8 + qty 2 – 1×10 for DIGITALS  (combine these to make a 2×18 stacking header)
  • 2 x 20pin SOIC breakouts for prototyping surface mount parts in the middle of the board with long pads, all pads run to through hole via’s for wire soldering
  • 3.3V breakout to through-hole bus, (the DUE processor is a 3.3V part)
  • 5V breakout to through-hole bus, GND breakouts to through-hole bus
  • all DUE pins have breakouts to solderable through-hole pads (exception 2×18 DIGITALS). 2 breakouts for SPI bus. This is provided as a kit, meaning you will have to solder the stackable headers in to the board.
  • TIP: Considering the high pin count of the DUE, we recommend only soldering the headers you need for your project as this makes the board more manageable in terms of mating, not bending pins, etc.

See related post on installing the SPI header

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