Arduino DUE protoshield

This is a prototyping shield kit designed specifically for Arduino DUE. Pin-for-pin Arduino DUE compatibility,a 3.3V bus, and two large SOIC breakouts differentiate this board from other prototyping shields out there.


What you are getting:

  • This board includes all stacking headers needed for all pins of the Arduino DUE (excluding ICSP).
  • Stacking headers include: qty 1 – 1×10 for PWM, qty 5 – 1×8 for PWM, COMMS,  POWER, ANALOGS, qty 1 – 2×3 for SPI, qty 2 – 1×8 + qty 2 – 1×10 for DIGITALS  (combine these to make a 2×18 stacking header)
  • 2 x 20pin SOIC breakouts for prototyping surface mount parts in the middle of the board with long pads, all pads run to through hole via’s for wire soldering
  • 3.3V breakout to through-hole bus, (the DUE processor is a 3.3V part)
  • 5V breakout to through-hole bus, GND breakouts to through-hole bus
  • all DUE pins have breakouts to solderable through-hole pads (exception 2×18 DIGITALS). 2 breakouts for SPI bus. This is provided as a kit, meaning you will have to solder the stackable headers in to the board.


Updated: See our note on the DUE SPI header

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